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All Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece "Heavyweight" Size 2F (B2F – BP2F)


🎺 A Harmonious Blend of Warmth and Power

Step into the world of vibrant and powerful musical expression with the 2F B2F – BP2F trumpet mouthpiece. This masterpiece is designed for musicians who seek not just a mouthpiece but a partner in their journey towards musical excellence, especially in the realms of commercial music and lead trumpet roles.

Elegantly Designed for the Modern Trumpeter

  • Versatile Model Options: Available in both Standard and Heavyweight versions, it caters to diverse playing styles and preferences.
  • Precisely Engineered Dimensions: Featuring a 27.1 mm cup diameter, 16.3 mm rim width, and a total length of 88.6 mm, each element is tailored for exceptional performance.
  • V-Bowl Shallow Cup & Small Diameter: This design ensures a powerful yet warm sound, ideal for cutting through in commercial music settings.
  • Semi-Flat Rim for Enhanced Comfort: The rim is crafted to provide comfort during extended playing sessions, crucial for lead trumpet positions.

A Symphony of Power and Warmth

  • Powerful, Warm Tone with Great Projection: The B2F – BP2F mouthpiece produces a sound that is both forceful and warm, making it a superb choice for genres that require both power and emotive depth.
  • Ideal for Commercial Music and Lead Trumpet: Its acoustic properties are exceptionally suited for modern commercial music, offering clarity and projection in

lead trumpet roles, while maintaining an excellent balance and playability across all registers.

Tailored for the Skilled Musician Accustomed to Shallow Cups

  • Best Suited for Players Familiar with Shallow Cups: This mouthpiece is specifically designed for musicians who are comfortable with shallow cups, offering a unique blend of comfort, projection, and balance.

Masterful Craftsmanship for Outstanding Performance

Each B2F – BP2F mouthpiece represents the pinnacle of brass instrument craftsmanship. Weighing 115gr (4.05oz) for the standard and heavyweight models, each piece is meticulously checked for quality assurance. Handmade with unparalleled precision, this mouthpiece is more than just an accessory—it is an integral component for the dynamic, versatile musician.

Elevate Your Performance with Exceptional Balance

With the 2F B2F – BP2F Trumpet Mouthpiece, embrace the fusion of ergonomic design and warm, powerful sound. Let your talent shine in diverse musical settings and discover new heights of performance with a mouthpiece that speaks volumes in both comfort and quality.

🌟 The 2F B2F – BP2F: Where Warmth Meets Power in Musical Expression 🌟