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All Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece "Heavyweight" Size 3C* (B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C)


Presenting the Refined 3C° B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C. Trumpet Mouthpiece

🎺 A Fusion of Openness and Brilliance

Elevate your musical experience with the 3C° B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C. trumpet mouthpiece, a variant celebrated for its balanced combination of comfort and brilliant sound. This model is designed for musicians seeking a mouthpiece that offers an open airflow and enhanced volume, particularly effective across all registers.

Skillfully Engineered for Diverse Musicians

  • Multiple Configuration Choices: Available in Standard, Heavyweight, and Lightweight versions, it caters to a broad spectrum of playing styles and preferences.
  • Optimized Dimensions for Peak Performance: Featuring a 27.3 mm cup diameter, 16.56 mm rim width, and an overall length of 87.3 mm, each dimension is meticulously crafted for superior performance.
  • Medium Depth Bowl Cup & Medium Diameter: This design provides a perfect balance between ease of play and a quality sound output, suitable for various musical genres.
  • Very Comfortable Round Rim with Large Throat: The round rim ensures maximum comfort during extended playing, while the large throat offers more open airflow, volume, and brilliance.

A Symphony of Rounded and Brilliant Sound

  • Rounded, Brilliant Tone with Enhanced Volume: The B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C. mouthpiece produces a sound that is both full-bodied and sparkling, ideal for musicians who value expressiveness and a more open sound.
  • Excellent Across All Registers: Its acoustics are finely tuned to provide a comfortable playing experience in every register, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable performance.

Ideal for Musicians Seeking More Open Airflow

  • Large Throat Design for More Volume: The larger throat size of this mouthpiece allows for more open airflow, providing additional volume and brilliance to your sound. However, this feature requires a bit more effort and embouchure strength, making it ideal for skilled players.

Masterful Craftsmanship for Enhanced Musical Expression

Each B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C. mouthpiece is a testament to the art of brass instrument craftsmanship. Available in various weights for different playing needs, each piece undergoes meticulous quality checks. Handmade with precision, this mouthpiece transcends its role as an accessory—it becomes a crucial part of your musical expression.

Step Into a World of Enhanced Performance

With the 3C° B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C. Trumpet Mouthpiece, embrace a combination of ergonomic design, open airflow, and brilliant sound. Let your musical talent flourish in a diverse range of settings, exploring new dimensions of your artistic voice.

🌟 The 3C° B3C. – BP3C. – BL3C.: Where Comfort Meets Openness and Brilliance 🌟