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All Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece "Heavyweight" Size 5C (B5C – BP5C)


Introducing the Balanced 5C B5C – BP5C Trumpet Mouthpiece

🎺 Experience Comfort and Musicality in Harmony

Dive into a world of balanced sound and comfort with the 5C B5C – BP5C trumpet mouthpiece, a model designed for musicians seeking a harmonious blend of ease and quality in their playing. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to the more demanding 1 1/2C, this mouthpiece offers a rounded and pleasant sound experience.

Crafted for Versatility and Comfort

  • Suitable for Various Styles: Available in Standard and Heavyweight models, it caters to a wide range of musical preferences and playing styles.
  • Optimal Dimensions for Superior Performance: With a 27.3 mm cup diameter, 16.75 mm rim width, and an overall length of 87.3 mm, each aspect of this mouthpiece is designed for peak performance.
  • Very Deep Bowl Cup & Medium Diameter: This design ensures a rich and full-bodied sound, capturing the essence of each note with clarity and depth.
  • Comfortable Round Rim with Gentle Bite: The rim is crafted for maximum comfort during extended playing sessions, making it ideal for long rehearsals or performances.

A Symphony of Rounded and Pleasant Sound

  • Rounded, Pleasant Tone: The B5C – BP5C mouthpiece produces a sound that is both warm and inviting, making it a fantastic choice for players who value a smooth and enjoyable tonal quality.
  • Ideal for Those Seeking a Less Taxing Option: Its design and acoustics are particularly suited for musicians looking for a comfortable alternative to the more strenuous 1 1/2C model.

For the Musician Seeking Balance and Ease

  • A Less Demanding Yet Rewarding Choice: This mouthpiece is tailored for musicians who desire a balance between a less taxing playing experience and maintaining a high-quality sound output.

Excellence in Mouthpiece Craftsmanship

Each B5C – BP5C mouthpiece represents the finest in brass instrument craftsmanship. Weighing 115gr (4.05oz) for both the standard and heavyweight models, each piece is meticulously checked for quality assurance. Handmade with unparalleled precision, this mouthpiece transcends its role as an accessory—it's an enabler of musical expression and comfort.

Elevate Your Musical Experience

With the 5C B5C – BP5C Trumpet Mouthpiece, embrace a blend of ergonomic design and pleasant sound quality. Let your musical talent flourish with a mouthpiece that offers a rewarding playing experience, both in terms of comfort and sound.

🌟 *The 5C B5C – BP5

C: A Harmonious Blend of Comfort and Quality* 🌟