Bosc - Rotary trumpet “Leonora” in Bb


In the summer of 2019 I made the decision to continue the development of new generation rotary valves, already designed and used on larger instruments, and to apply them on the cylinder horn.

I wanted to combine the advanced technology for the mechanical part and the art of historical construction for the bell.

From this union 2 trumpets were born: Elektra, in C, and Leonora, in Sib.

The innovation of my cylinder horn lies mainly in the cylinders:

The lower rotation compared to traditional cylinders allows for greater technical agility and greater air fluidity.

This new design of valves has made it possible to obtain a balanced and homogeneous instrument in all registers, with greater ease of emission. - Cristian Bosc


Materials available: Raw brass and silver

Finish: Raw Brass
Finish: Raw Brass