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Legends SuperCat II Trumpet Mouthpiece


Legends SuperCat II Trumpet Mouthpiece - A Fusion of Legacy and Modern Engineering!

Key Features:

• Inspired by the Legendary Cat Anderson: The SuperCat II is expertly designed to excel in the upper register, making it a prime choice for jazz enthusiasts and high-note aficionados.
• Precision Craftsmanship: Boasts an outside rim diameter of 1.16 inches (29.46 mm) with a round contour, coupled with an inside rim diameter of 0.550 inches (13.97 mm) with a medium contour. This combination offers a balance of comfort and control.
• Ideal Cup Design for High Notes: Features a very shallow V bowl cup, similar to Bach F, perfect for achieving crisp, high-pitched tones.
• Engineered for Excellence: The mouthpiece includes a #27 throat and a standard Legends S backbore, enhancing its unique sound characteristics.


• Exceptional Value at $155 + Shipping: Experience top-tier quality at an accessible price point.

Shipping Policy:

• Free Domestic Shipping: Enjoy complimentary standard USPS shipping within the USA.
• Tailored International Shipping: Shipping costs for international deliveries are calculated at checkout, ensuring a seamless purchase process.

Return Policy:

• First Return on Us: Your first return is eligible for an exchange or a full refund, with no questions asked.
• Subsequent Returns Policy: A $40 restocking fee applies for any further returns, with return shipping costs being the responsibility of the customer.
• Commitment to Your Satisfaction: Legends Brass prioritizes customer satisfaction, maintaining competitive prices without compromising on quality.

About Legends Brass:

• Honoring Trumpet History: The SuperCat II is part of our dedication to reviving the craftsmanship of legendary mouthpiece creators like Dominick Calicchio, Al Cass, Bill Ratzenberger, and Rudy Mück.
• Advanced Reproduction Techniques: Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC technology, we accurately reproduce historic designs for the modern player.
• Legendary Sound and Feel: While we can't guarantee you'll sound exactly like the trumpet greats, we're confident you'll fall in love with the performance and quality of your Legends Brass SuperCat II mouthpiece.

Discover the perfect blend of history and modernity with the Legends SuperCat II Trumpet Mouthpiece.

Style: Lightweight
Style: Lightweight