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Legends SuperCat III Trumpet Mouthpiece


Legends SuperCat III Trumpet Mouthpiece - Elevate Your Performance with Superior Craftsmanship!

Key Features:

• Inspired by the Legendary Cat Anderson: The SuperCat III is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance in the upper register. It's a go-to choice for jazz musicians and players seeking to master those thrilling high notes.
• Robust Design for Advanced Play: Features an outside rim diameter of 1.21 inches (30.73 mm) with a round contour. The inside rim diameter is 0.600 inches (15.24 mm) with a medium contour, providing a comfortable yet commanding grip.
• Shallow Cup for High-Note Clarity: The very shallow V bowl cup, akin to the Bach F design, facilitates crisp, clear high notes, making it a standout for lead trumpet roles.
• Optimized for Sound Precision: Equipped with a #27 throat and the standard Legends S backbore, this mouthpiece is designed to enhance the tonal quality and ease of play.


• Competitively Priced at $155 + Shipping: Quality and affordability meet in this expertly crafted mouthpiece.

Shipping Policy:

• Complimentary U.S. Shipping: Enjoy free standard USPS shipping within the United States.
• Customized International Shipping: For international orders, shipping costs are conveniently calculated at the time of checkout.

Return Policy:

• Stress-Free First Return: Benefit from a hassle-free exchange or full refund on your initial return, no questions asked.
• Fair Approach to Subsequent Returns: A modest $40 restocking fee is applicable for any later returns. Note that shipping costs for returns must be covered by the customer.
• Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction: At Legends Brass, we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction while offering competitive prices.

About Legends Brass:

• Celebrating Trumpet Heritage: The SuperCat III embodies our commitment to preserving the artistry of legendary mouthpiece makers such as Dominick Calicchio, Al Cass, Bill Ratzenberger, and Rudy Mück.
• Precision and Tradition: Utilizing advanced CNC technology, we achieve precise reproductions of classic designs for today's discerning players.
• A Nod to the Legends: While we can't promise you'll replicate the sound of the greats, we are confident in the exceptional quality and performance of the Legends Brass SuperCat III mouthpiece.

Step up to a new level of trumpet playing with the Legends SuperCat III Trumpet Mouthpiece, where tradition meets modern precision.

Style: Lightweight
Style: Lightweight