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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - M2 Cup


The M2 was added to our menu at the request of players looking for a more fiery and aggressive alternative to the M cup, specifically geared towards lead, studio and commercial playing.  It’s just a little bit shallower than our M cup, has a slightly tighter 3.7mm throat, a more sporty Bach 76ish backbore, and only comes in nickel silver — all of which contribute to this mouthpiece being one step away from being a true Lead mouthpiece.
Much more so than with the M cup, this one really sounds more like a lead mouthpiece — BUT, it’s still got more cup volume than actual lead cups, so it’s perfect for players who “can’t play shallow cups”.  That makes it absolutely perfect for playing all those big band high-note ballads that still require low/middle register playing. It brings more richness and the opportunity for more musical nuance than a categorically "Lead" mouthpiece.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Nickel Silver)

  • 1M2 = GR 67MS, Monette B1-L S1, Reeves 43.5M692, Schilke 17B3A, Yamaha 16D4A

  • 2M2 = GR 3MS/66MS, Monette B4LD S1, Reeves 43M692, Schilke 14B3A, Yamaha 14B4

  • 3M2 = GR 65MS, Monette B2L S3, Reeves 42M692, Schilke 13B3A, Yamaha 13B4A

  • 7M2  = GR 64MS, Monette B7LD S2, Reeves 41M692, Schilke 11B3A, Yamaha 11B4

Ideal for:

  • Lead players looking for a similar bright tone, “blow/feel”  bit with a less aggressive energy due to the deeper cup.  Horn section work as well.

  • For non-Lead players looking to greatly increase upper register access and a general vibe of “brighter and tighter” but cannot play on “shallow cups”.

  • 2nd book players in Big Band who need help keeping up with the Lead player on the Soli sections but still want a full tone when stepping out for the solo feature spots.

  • For any piccolo trumpet with a stuffy or dull tone.

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    Please note that after 24 hours of placing an order, orders are considered final and not refundable, as per our vendor's policy.

Size & Material: 1M2 - Brass
Size & Material: 1M2 - Brass