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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - S Cup


The Lotus S cup is what we consider to be our classic/traditional Lead cup. You know the age-old script: “The ultimate lead mouthpiece! Adds extra notes to your range! Has a great, big sound!”  This might be the closest you’re ever gonna find.
This mouthpiece produces a surprisingly rich tone for such a shallow cup. Many section players will appreciate that they can more easily match your tone color without having to resort to a shallow mouthpiece themselves while covering the 3rd or 4th book. The sound stays wide open from the highest notes in your range to low F#. This is the kind of lead mouthpiece that other musicians actually like to listen to.
Classical players who are accustomed to using a Bach 7E or 7EW on piccolo will find this cup to be a good comparison. As with all Lotus mouthpieces, the tone will be more broad, the articulation will be clear and clean and the upper register will not go flat.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 in Brass or Nickel Silver)

  • 1S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 67S, Monette B1-5L, Reeves 43.5S, Schilke 17A4, Warburton 3SV, Yamaha 16A4

  • 2S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3S/66LS, Monette B4LS S1/Bl S1, Reeves 43BS, Schilke 14A4, Warburton 4SV, Yamaha 14A4

  • 3S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65S, Monette B6L S1/BL2, Reeves 42S, Schilke 13A4, Warburton 5SV, Yamaha 13A4

  • 7S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64S, Monette BL S1/MFIII, BL2J/BL4 S6, Reeves 41S, Schilke 11A4, Warburton 6SV, Yamaha 11A4

  • 9S = Bach E cup adapted to Lotus 9 rim, GR Wayne Bergeron/62S, Reeves 40S, Schilke 6A4, Yamaha 7A4

  • 11S = Bach E cup adapted to Lotus 11 rim, Monette BL6, Schilke 5A4, Yamaha 6A4​

Ideal for: 

  • Lead players looking for a big, fat traditional Lead sound.  Think Basie or Sinatra recordings with Big Band

  • For piccolo players coming from Bach 7E or 7EW.

  • For players who prefer a Lead mouthpiece with a more open blow similar to the GR Bergeron or Schilke 12-14A4

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Size & Material: 1S - Brass
Size & Material: 1S - Brass