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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - XS Cup


The LOTUS XS perfectly fits the definition of “screamer.” The good news is that we have managed to create “very shallow” mouthpiece that has clear articulation, can still make a big fat sound when asked to and has super secure note targeting accuracy in the upper register. We like to think of the XS cup as a trumpeter’s guilty pleasure.
Anyone accustomed to using such a shallow cup will really appreciate the improved tone color. It is not often that a player can still sound big and bold on this type of cup only to be able to instantly flip the switch from Zippo to flamethrower without having to use excessive force. The upper register access is very easy and on target at all times. This is a great choice for anyone who has always dreamed of using a “very shallow” cup but gets turned off by the overly harsh tone most other brands create.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 in Brass or Nickel Silver)

  • 1XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 67.7SZ, Monette B1-1LS S1, Reeves 43.5ES, Schilke 17A4A, Yamaha 16A4A

  • 2XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3XS/66SZ*, Monette B4L S1, Reeves 43ES, Schilke 15A4A, Yamaha 15A4A

  • 3XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65SZ*, Monette B6LV S1, Reeves 42ES, Schilke 13A4A, Yamaha 13A4A/Shew Lead

  • 7XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64ES, Monette B2J/BL2 S3, Reeves 41ES, Schilke 14A4A, Yamaha 14A4

  • 9XS = Bach F cup adapted to Lotus 9 rim, GR Wayne 62SZ*, Reeves 40ES, Schilke 6A4A, Yamaha 7A4A

  • 11XS = Bach F cup adapted to Lotus 11 rin, Schilke 5A4A, Yamaha 6A4A

Ideal for:

  • Lead players looking for maximum shine and super easy upper register access

  • Salsa players,  Earth Wind and Fire/Stan Kenton level of difficulty, easily hearing yourself on a loud stage

  • Making certain everyone knows who is in charge of the ensemble

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Size and Material: 1XS - Brass
Size and Material: 1XS - Brass