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MG Leather Work

MG Leather Work - Pocket Trumpet Flotar Leather Gig Bag

The Compact product line is truly a design marvel, made with genuine Flotar leather that offers a luxurious look and a smooth texture. It is equipped with a comfortable curved handle and strap which makes it easy to tote in both horizontal and vertical positions. This is an incredibly convenient feature, as it allows you to take your bag with you wherever you go without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue. The curved handle and strap make for a much smoother experience, giving you the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and style. The bag also features high-quality plastic YKK zippers with straps to ensure secure closure. On the side pocket, you can store small accessories like your pocket trumpet or perhaps an extra gig bag! For added convenience, the shoulder strap and D ring allow you to carry the bag like a backpack. To top it off, the reinforced side of the porthole-like design provides extra durability for long-term use.
Color: Red
Color: Red