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We have relied heavily on Vincent Bach's Mt. Vernon designs throughout this process. Now if you know anything about Mt. Vernon mouthpieces, you probably know that none of them feel quite alike. We've purchased a good number of Mt. Vernon mouthpieces in support of this project, and can confidently say that if you played a dozen Mt. Vernon 1C mouthpieces they will all play differently. This is why our search to find a "grail" has been frustrating...

So what we've done is sorted through all of this and combined the best characteristics of the very best Mt. Vernons into one mouthpiece that needs no modification. Here they are:

1 - This is our orchestral mouthpiece. Anybody who plays anything between a 1C and 1.25C, or even 1.5C will love this mouthpiece. It is efficient and plays with a huge sound, but without feeling like a lot of work. We have blind-tested this mouthpiece against the very best Mt. Vernon 1Cs and 1.25Cs, and it wins hands down every time. If you're looking for a "holy grail" Mt. Vernon 1C that simply works...this is it.

The Lube Master One owes its genius to lead designer Gino Villarreal (United States Coast Guard Band, Waterbury Symphony Orchestra, ECSO, New England freelancer). Gino is the biggest trumpet equipment nerd we know, and his knowledge about these matters is encyclopedic. A cumulative lifetime of tweaking is behind the expertise he brings to the table. 

10% of the profits from the Lube Master One will be donated to The Ryan Anthony Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in 2014 to manage and support Cancer Blows events. The foundation strives to keep expenses to a minimum and is managed by a talented team of volunteers so that the majority of money given is used for its true purpose – to improve cancer treatment outcomes and ultimately find a cure.

3 - The Mt. Vernon 3C is one of the most famous mouthpieces in history, and for good reason. Unfortunately not all of them are amazing. In our searching, we found one that...well, was amazing!—but it played a little "off," as many old mouthpieces do. So we had it scanned and reproduced, and it maintained all of the amazing qualities while cleaning up some of the inconsistencies from being an old mouthpiece. This is a plug-and-play holy grail Mt. Vernon 3C. ...As far as playability, it plays like a big 3C. Anybody who plays between 1.25C up through 3C will love this setup. 

Lead -  Full disclosure: none of the three of us is a lead player. Fortunately, we have friends who are incredible professional lead players...and they're giving this mouthpiece amazing reviews. The thing that seems to have made the difference is the blank. Some blanks seem way too light, creating a thin sound, and some are way too heavy, which limits the overtones. Ours is a traditional Bach-style blank, which seems to be a perfect fit. This is a West Coast-style mouthpiece with a wide rim diameter and shallow cup. The throat and backbore are engineered to get plenty of zip, but the blank keeps it from getting too thin.

Size: 1
Size: 1