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Legends Brass SuperCat Trumpet Mouthpiece


Legends SuperCat Trumpet Mouthpiece - Embrace the Legacy of Cat Anderson!

Key Features:

• Inspired by the Legendary Cat Anderson: Designed for exceptional performance in the upper register.
• Unique Build: .500″ inside diameter, wide and comfortable rim, shallow V bowl cup.
• Ideal for Jazz and High Notes: A must-have for trumpeters aiming for those screaming high notes.


• Only $155 + Shipping.

Shipping Policy:

• Free in the USA: Enjoy standard USPS shipping at no extra cost.
• International Shipping: Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

Return Policy:

• First Return Free: Exchange or full refund for your first return, no questions asked.
• Subsequent Returns: Subject to a $40 restocking fee. Note: Shipping costs for returns are the customer’s responsibility.
• Commitment to Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction while ensuring our prices remain competitive.

About Legends Brass:

• Preserving Trumpet Heritage: Recreating legendary mouthpieces once crafted by artisans like Dominick Calicchio, Al Cass, Bill Ratzenberger, and Rudy Mück.
• Modern Craftsmanship: Using advanced CNC technology for precise reproduction of historic designs.
• Legendary Sound: We can’t guarantee you’ll sound exactly like your idols, but we promise you’ll love your Legends Brass mouthpiece.

Step into a world of historic sound and modern precision with Legends Brass.

This version succinctly communicates the international shipping policy while keeping the focus on the product’s features and the company’s heritage.

Style: Lightweight
Style: Lightweight