Oberrauch B-Trumpet "Milano"


The heavy duty rotary valve machine from B. Zirnbauer is installed in the Bb trumpet Mod. MILANO. Valve slides are one-piece, the preferred bell is with Ø 13,0cm or Ø 13,5cm. Recommended sheet thickness is 0.40mm or 0.45mm.

The "MILANO" is a little heavier compared to the FIRENZE. Orchestra musicians and students who like to play Zirnbauer and who prefer a little more resistance are exactly right with this model. The response and intonation are very balanced in all registers. As with all OBERRAUCH trumpets, the sound is brilliant, rich in overtones and stable.

Surcharge for trigger 1 + 3 $212 

Surcharge for overblow key $199 

Plating: Silver
Plating: Silver