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SoundBrenner Genki Wave

Wave is the ring that allows artists and producers to easily control sound, shape effects and send commands. Worn on the index finger, Wave detects the most finesse gestures and enables natural interaction with sound through movement.

In the box

Genki Wave

Genki Wave

Carrying case

Carrying case

Micro USB cable

Micro USB cable

Genki Wave Features and FAQs

  1. What is Genki Wave?

    • Genki Wave is a ring that allows users to control sound with motion. It has three buttons, an LED display for visual feedback, a micro USB charging port, and an adjustable strap.
  2. Getting Started:

    • Genki Wave is a Bluetooth MIDI controller. To get started, download Wave's companion software, Softwave, to explore all of Wave's possibilities and connect it to your preferred DAW.
  3. Functions of Genki Wave:

    • Wave has six functions: Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap, and Click. Each function can be assigned a unique CC number for communication with your DAW. The functions allow for innovative control of parameters and triggering notes or samples.
  4. Buttons on Genki Wave:

    • Genki Wave has 3 buttons: Up, Middle, and Down. The Middle button activates/deactivates Wave, while the Up and Down buttons navigate between presets in Softwave.
  5. Latency:

    • The latency depends on the host system and the Bluetooth LE standard. It's generally around 7-20ms, and under 1ms when using the proprietary protocol with Wavefront.
  6. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with computers equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, including Windows 10 PCs and Mac computers with OSX El Capitan or higher.
  7. Softwave Software:

    • Softwave is the companion software for Wave, allowing full customization, creating presets, and mapping Wave's functions to your DAW. It also hosts VST3 and AU plugins and comes with a built-in sound engine.
  8. DAW Compatibility:

    • Compatible with DAWs that have MIDI learn/mapping functionality, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, and others.
  9. Simultaneous Use:

    • You can connect up to two Waves at a time through Softwave, depending on the capabilities of your device.
  10. Battery Life:

    • A full charge takes 90 minutes and lasts for over 8 hours of constant use. A 20-minute quick charge provides about 2 hours of use.
  11. Use on Mobile Devices:

    • Can be used as a standalone MIDI controller with iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. Also compatible with WIDI Master by CME for direct hardware connection.

In the Box

  • Genki Wave
  • Carrying case
  • Micro USB cable