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SoundBrenner Minuendo earplugs


Provide high-quality sound with no loss, for pro-musicians and live music lovers alike. Turning down loud sounds is now at your fingertips. The world’s first variable passive HiFi filter with stepless manual adjustment (7-25dB).

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Minuendo earplugs

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Minuendo Brush

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Foam ear tips

Foam ear tips

Silicone ear tips

Silicone ear tips

Double flange ear tips

Double flange ear tips

Triple flange ear tips

Triple flange ear tips

### FAQs

1. **Difference to Other Earplugs:**
- The Minuendo earplugs feature a membrane that acts like a "second eardrum", essential for achieving a flat frequency response. This sets them apart from custom-molded musicians' earplugs, which have fixed membrane filters.

2. **Working Principle (Technical):**
- Information not provided.

3. **Stepless Adjustability:**
- Information not provided.

4. **Need for Minuendo with In-Ear Monitors:**
- Information not provided.

5. **Experience of “Open” (-7dB) Setting:**
- Information not provided.

6. **Meaning of "Lossless" Earplugs:**
- Minuendo describes their earplugs as 'lossless', meaning they provide transparent, natural sound quality with a flat frequency response, without electronic alteration.

7. **Requirement of Batteries or Electronics:**
- Minuendo earplugs do not require batteries or other electronics. They are completely passive.

8. **Music Playback Capability:**
- They do not play music like earphones or earbuds.

9. **Compatibility with Earmuffs or Earphones:**
- Minuendo can be worn under earmuffs or earphones.

10. **Choosing the Correct Ear Tip:**
- The selection of ear tips is based on comfort and optimal fit. The product comes with various ear tip options (foam, silicone, double flange, triple flange).

11. **Longevity of Ear Tips:**
- The lifespan of the ear tips varies depending on usage, cleaning, and individual factors.

12. **Usage Scenarios:**
- Suitable for music practice, gigs, sports, travel, sleep, construction, and more.

13. **Warranty Duration and Coverage:**
- Minuendo offers a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

14. **Water Resistance:**
- The earplugs are water-resistant, but not designed for submersion in water.

If you have any more specific questions or need further details about any of these points, please let me know!