Customs and Duties


We would like to inform you that all goods with a sales value of less than $800 USD that are imported into the United States for private use (and not for business purposes) are exempt from sales tax and import duties. Such orders should not be held up and are guaranteed to be delivered as soon as they reach the USA. For those located on the East Coast, deliveries via UPS Express will arrive the following evening.

However, it is important to note that purchases exceeding $800 USD may require processing by the United States Customs and Border Protection and are thus subject to additional charges. Such charges will be based on the classification of the relevant goods by the United States International Trade Commission, and more information regarding this matter can be found at . Typically, this process is managed by the courier, who will provide all necessary paperwork and information upon delivery. In certain extraneous circumstances, handling fees may apply, but these fees are typically included in the shipping fee.

We would like to remind you that when ordering foreign instruments and accessories, customs and/or duties will be imposed upon entering the United States. However, please rest assured that the instrument price for our domestic US customers will remain the same as the price in typical retail stores.

Retail stores are obligated to pay customs and/or duties on the instruments they acquire, which are typically included in the price of the instrument or accessory. As a marketplace, we do not purchase the items directly and, therefore, are not responsible for the payment of customs or duties. It is our customers who are ordering the items from the manufacturer, and as such, the fees must be paid by the customers themselves.

We understand that this may be a new concept for some customers, but we want to assure you that even though you will be paying customs and/or duties, the end price will be the same as that of a typical retail store. 

Finally, we must remind you that as the importer of these goods into the USA, you are ultimately responsible and liable for any and all potential issues on this matter. We encourage you to visit the official website of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America at for more information.

***** International customers please consider following these steps *****

To successfully import a musical instrument into your country, there are a few important steps to follow:

1. Research regulations, permits, and licenses that may apply to your instrument to ensure compliance with any country-specific restrictions.

2. Determine applicable customs duties and tax rates.

3. Hire an experienced shipping or transportation company to ensure safe transport of your instrument and consider purchasing insurance.

4. Complete necessary customs documentation with the guidance of a professional customs broker.

5. Await clearance from customs authorities, after which your instrument will be released into your custody.

By following these steps, you can import your musical instrument without encountering any issues or delays.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope that this information proves helpful to you.