Shipping Policy

Hand fabrication is a meticulous process of creating products manually without the aid of automated machinery. Although this method often results in higher-quality goods, the production process is more labor-intensive and can take longer. Hence, shipping delays are common when it comes to hand-fabricated materials. There are several reasons why delays can occur. Firstly, producing each item by hand takes longer, making it time-consuming to complete an entire batch of goods. Moreover, hand fabrication usually involves sourcing materials from various suppliers, each with their own production and shipping lead times. This can lead to a complex supply chain that may delay the production process, ultimately resulting in longer shipping times. For instance, if ordering from Europe, wait times could reach 6-8 weeks, while in the United States, wait times are typically a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the product's availability. However, it's important to note that these wait times are primarily due to the artisanal fabrications of the product rather than the shipping process itself. Rest assured, our manufacturers will ship your order as soon as possible in every case.

Thank you for your understanding.

- BrassClub