All Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece "Standard" Size 12ASW (B12ASW)


Presenting the Exhilarating 12ASW B12ASW Trumpet Mouthpiece

🎺 A Masterpiece of Precision and Brilliance

Dive into the realm of high-energy performance with the 12ASW B12ASW trumpet mouthpiece, designed for the trumpeter who demands exceptional brilliance and sizzle, particularly in commercial music and lead trumpet roles. This mouthpiece, even shallower than the 12AW, is crafted for those who prefer a vibrant and piercing sound, excelling in the upper register.

Skillfully Engineered for Dazzling Performances

  • Standard Model for Optimal Versatility: This standard model caters to a wide range of musical preferences and playing styles, providing a comfortable and efficient experience for every musician.
  • Carefully Designed for Superior Play: Featuring a 28 mm cup diameter, 15.27 mm rim width, and an overall length of 88.6 mm, every dimension of this mouthpiece is fine-tuned for exceptional performance.
  • Very Shallow V-Bowl Cup & Small Diameter: The even shallower V-bowl cup design offers a brighter and more piercing sound, while the small diameter aids in mastering high notes with precision.
  • Comfortable Semi-Flat Rim: The rim is tailored to ensure comfort during extended playing sessions, a key feature for demanding lead trumpet parts.

A Symphony of Bright and Piercing Sound

  • Radiant, Sizzling Tone: The B12ASW mouthpiece produces a sound that is incredibly bright and sizzling, making it an excellent choice for players who seek intensity and prominence in their musical expressions.
  • Ideal for Commercial Music and Lead Trumpet: Its acoustic properties are specifically designed for modern commercial music, offering outstanding clarity and brilliance in lead trumpet roles.

Perfect for Musicians Accustomed to Shallow Cups

  • Optimal for Players Comfortable with Very Shallow Cups: This mouthpiece is crafted for musicians who are familiar with and prefer the feel and sound characteristics of very shallow cups, offering a unique blend of comfort and sonic intensity.

Exquisite Craftsmanship for High-Impact Musical Expression

Each B12ASW mouthpiece is a marvel of brass instrument craftsmanship. Meticulously quality-checked, it represents the pinnacle of design and functionality. Handcrafted with precision and care, this mouthpiece is more than just an accessory—it's an essential tool for the dynamic and versatile musician.

Step Into a World of Unmatched Performance

With the 12ASW B12ASW Trumpet Mouthpiece, embrace the fusion of ergonomic design and sizzling sound. Let your musical talent shine in high-energy settings and explore new heights of performance with a mouthpiece that is both exhilarating and comfortable.

🌟 The 12ASW B12ASW: A Beacon of Brilliance in High-Energy Music 🌟