All Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece "Standard" Size 3C (B3C – BP3C)


Introducing the Versatile 3C B3C – BP3C Trumpet Mouthpiece

🎺 A Perfect Harmony of Comfort and Brilliance

Discover the exceptional 3C B3C – BP3C trumpet mouthpiece, a model celebrated for its versatility and brilliant sound. Designed for musicians who desire a mouthpiece that excels in comfort and performance across all registers, this mouthpiece is especially popular in the realm of popular music.

Expertly Crafted for Balanced Performance

  • Configurations for Every Musician: Available in Standard and Heavyweight models, it meets the needs of diverse playing styles and preferences.
  • Optimal Dimensions for Superior Play: With a 27.3 mm cup diameter, 16.56 mm rim width, and a length of 87.3 mm, each aspect of this mouthpiece is engineered for peak performance.
  • Medium Depth Bowl Cup & Medium Diameter: This design offers a beautiful balance between ease of play and sound quality, suitable for a variety of musical genres.
  • Very Comfortable Round Rim: The rim is designed for maximum comfort, facilitating prolonged playing sessions without discomfort.

A Symphony of Brilliant Sound

  • Nice Sound with Brilliance: The B3C – BP3C mouthpiece produces a sound that is both beautiful and brilliant, making it a fantastic choice for musicians who value clarity and expressiveness.
  • Comfortable Across All Registers: Its acoustic properties are finely tuned for ease of play across all registers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

Ideal for Popular Music Genres

  • One of the Most Used Models in Popular Music: Due to its balanced features and versatile nature, this mouthpiece is highly favored among musicians in popular music settings.

Craftsmanship That Elevates Musical Expression

Each B3C – BP3C mouthpiece reflects the highest standards of brass instrument craftsmanship. Weighing 115gr (4.05oz) for both the standard and heavyweight models, each piece is meticulously checked for perfection. Handcrafted with precision, this mouthpiece is more than an instrument accessory—it's an integral part of your musical journey.

Elevate Your Musical Journey

With the 3C B3C – BP3C Trumpet Mouthpiece, embrace the fusion of ergonomic design and brilliant sound

quality. Step into a world where comfort and excellence coalesce, enhancing your musical expression across various genres.

🌟 The 3C B3C – BP3C: A Touchstone of Versatility and Brilliance in Music 🌟