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Best Brass

Best Brass - Warm Up Jr.


“An item which transforms the nervousness into a feeling of confidence.” This was the concept behind the development of the new Sound Transformer “Warm-up.” It features good intonation and quietness in a tiny size, and immediately gained the favor of professional brass musicians. After a few years, the Warm-up earned a worldwide reputation for high quality and helped not only professionals but amateurs alike.

The Warm-up reduces instrument output to a whisper, losing approximately -25dB to -35dB. With this high level of sound reduction, professionals have no hesitation in practicing in a hotel room during their tour, and it becomes possible to do long tones virtually silently backstage, or even gear up for that high section in the pit or on the bandstand.

With Best Brass’s unique acoustic design, the Sound Transformer “Warm-up” has superior intonation and less back pressure compared to other practice mutes. The fact that many professional players choose the Best Brass Warm-up prove its excellence.

Available for: Trumpet, Trombone and Horn

e-Brass Jr.: Trumpet
e-Brass Jr.: Trumpet