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Brakul Factory

Brakul Euphonium Bottom Caps


Besson -Please note that the size is different for the 1st to 3rd piston and the 4th piston. We use brass and torso that adjust the hardness and sound by hammering and heat on the outer circumference.


Brass - Used for the outer circumference.
The sound and concentration of the sound will be improved.

Cooper -Used for the outer circumference.
It will have a warm and deep sound like gold brass.

Silver - The sound responds well, and it approaches a clear and gorgeous sound.

Yamaha - For custom (YEP842) For normal (YEP642, etc.)
Please select [for YEP-842] as an option.
The design is also different from other products.


Willson Please select [Willson 2900] as an option.

The recommended installation part is the 4th piston.

* Please note that the products for Besson are different for No. 1 to No. 3 and No. 4.

* Caps are not finished with lacquer or plating in order to directly demonstrate the goodness of the brass material.

Material: Brass
Fit: Yamaha 642
Material: Brass
Fit: Yamaha 642