Brakul Factory

Brakul Tone Color Changer


It becomes a pleasant sound, increases the warmth of the sound, and brings you closer to a smooth and flexible sound.

The weight of the product is not heavy, so the resistance is not too strong, and you can enjoy the change of tone purely.

Please give it a try!

- It can be attached to a thick tube mouthpiece for trombone/euphonium and an American shank for tuba. Please let us know which instrument you want to use when ordering.

- There is a slit in the ring, so I think we can respond if there is some error in the sense of size.

Please note that it may not be possible to attach it to a specially designed mouthpiece.


Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Ohana 4/5/6 - 

A completely handmade product with flowers carved out of brass and buds.

- Please note that since everything is made by hand, the design may be different even with the same product number.

- The number changes the design due to the difference in the number of petals.

Fit: Trombone
Style: Ohana 4
Fit: Trombone
Style: Ohana 4