Carol Brass

Carol Brass - Pocket Flugelhorn - Taylor Phat Puppy

Key: Bb
Bore: ML 0.460
Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
Tuning slide material: Yellow brass
Bell material: Gold brass
Bell diameter: 6.299"
CarolBrass 3CFL mouthpiece
Woodshell case
Additional lead pipe
T2 Valve oil
Ultra-Pure tuning slide grease
Cleaning cloth
User booklet

Frequently asked questions:
Q: What are the differences between original Phat Puppy and CarolBrass's?
A: The configuration is a bit different, but both Phat Puppy have been tested and approved by Mr. Andy Taylor.
Q: Can I use my flugelhorn mouthpiece?
A: Yes, you can. Phat Puppy is delivered with 2 types of mouthpipe which are large size (marked as L) and small size (marked as S), we are sure that these 2 mouthpipes fit 99.9% of the flugelhorn mouthpiece in the planet.
Q: Can I use the same fingering as regular flugelhorn/ trumpet?
A: Yes

Q: Key of Phat Puppy?
A: Bb, sams as regular Bb flugelhorn.

Q: What is the material of "rose gold" coloured finger buttons and valve caps?
A: These are made from yellow brass, then rose gold plated and with lacquer on the surface.  

Q: How does Phat Puppy sound?
A: Warm, mellow and sweet flugelhorn sound.

Q: How does Phat Puppy play?
A: You might feel a bit more resistance on it because the bore is enlarging rapidly. Once you conquer and get used to it, you will find it hard to stop playing Phat Puppy.