Haag Brass

Haag Brass - Small Bore Tenor Trombone - Jazz Tenor Jambone Smooth


The JamBone smooth has a large cup. With the carbon outer slide and the bronze inner slide, completely new worlds are discovered in the sound world of brass instruments! Of the two jazz trombones, the “smooth” is the one that can adapt to any style!

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore: Dualbore 12,4-12,7 mm / .488”-.5”
  • Bell Ø: 210mm / 8.3″
  • Bell: handhammered yellow Brass
  • Tuning Slide: hand hammered yellow brass
  • Inner Slide: Bronze
  • Outer Slide: Carbon fibre with nickelsilver crook
  • Accessories: leather bag and mouthpiece HAAG Jambalayaa