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KGU Music

KGU Music - RADIUS Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster


RADIUS Extra LIGHT Trumpet mouthpiece booster in an elegant design. Designed by Maksim Gopanchuk, the co-founder of the KGU Brass company, with a professional approach and great attention to each important detail. The weight, styling, and geometry are created to evenly put the weight of the booster on the weight of the mouthpiece, aiming at uniting the booster and the mouthpiece into a single whole.
We use high-quality bronze with a high copper content for their production. This material results in a rich sound that meets the expectations of demanding musicians. Arturo Sandoval, the great jazz trumpeter, pianist, and composer, tested the KGU Brass booster and this is what he said about the improving sound “when you play fast it makes the passing from one note to another more clear”.
The boosters, produced by KGUmusic, fit most standard mouthpieces. Their styling looks very elegant.
They come in different finishes, so you can choose the model, which will perfectly complement your trumpet. We offer boosters with raw brass, antique copper lacquer, antique bronze lacquer, and silver and gold finishes.
Our product is aimed at experienced and aspiring musicians who are looking for new ways of expression through music. It’s a great thing for everyone who’s tired of changing mouthpieces in order to achieve the improved and rich sound of the instrument. If you have a booster like this, you experience noticeable changes, as it makes your trumpet sound more charming and emotional.

Compatible with the most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)

Finish: Raw Brass
Finish: Raw Brass