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KGU Music

KGU Music - Solid Brass Valve Stem


Solid Brass Trumpet Valve Stem by KGUmusic set of 3 parts

  • Made of strong, long-lasting brass
  • The weight: 6.5 grams
  • Enhances the response of the instrument much better than aluminum valve stems
  • Available in various finishes: raw brass, silver, gold, and lacquer (different color options)
  • Long-lasting aesthetic appearance as the brass doesn’t oxidize so easily as aluminum
  • Serves much longer than aluminum valve stems, doesn’t rote and crumble
  • Easily removable due to the convenient rolling
  • Fits trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Brand: Yamaha #1
Plating: Raw Brass
Brand: Yamaha #1
Plating: Raw Brass