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KGU Music

KGU Music - T.A.F. Trumpet Adaptor for Flugelhorn mouthpieces



  • Expanded possibilities of your trumpet. A KGUmusic mouthpiece adaptor is a good option for reaching the mellow flugelhorn sound with the trumpet, by using the mouthpiece with the deep cup.
  • Easy to use, fast to install. It takes a few seconds to place the adaptor. The device adds some length to the flugelhorn mouthpiece and makes it compatible with the trumpet without distorting the register.
  • A richer and warmer sound. It easily changes the sound of your trumpet from sharp to mellow, perfect for ballads and slow jams.
  • Saved strength and space in your luggage. Unlike additional musical instruments, the compact adaptor can be stored in your pouch together with the mouthpieces, thus, it doesn’t take much room.
  • Better chances for musical experiments on tour. Make some parts of the musical piece sound different by changing the timbre, and experiment with the sound of your band or orchestra – no need to switch between two instruments.