KGU Music

KGU Music - Trumpet 3 in 1 Cleaning and Care Kit

Easy way to keep your instrument clean. Get rid of all the small particles and dust inside your horn in less than a minute. You can use this trumpet cleaning tool in a bathroom or in your garden if you live in a private house.
User-friendly. Replace the shower head with the cleaning tool, and attach the trumpet care device to your horn the way you normally place the mouthpiece. You can also use it with the garden hose, attaching it to the adaptor.
A perfect addition to the brass instrument cleaning kit you already have. This tool will make the trumpet care and maintenance routine easier, saving you time and strength.
Careful and harmless. The tool does not harm the instrument, works in a very gentle way, and leaves no scratches.



1x - KGUmusic trumpet AQUA Nozzle. Aluminum.

1x - KGUmusic trumpet shelter BAG. Flannel. Black

1x - KGUmusic care TOWEL for all brass-/wood- wind instruments.