LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - F-L

This mouthpiece offers what most people consider the quintessential "classic flugelhorn sound" perfectly suited to any kind of playing, from brass band to Jazz & Classical solos.  It’s an optimized version of what will feel like a very familiar style of cup.  
The big difference is that it actually stays in-tune in the upper register instead of going terribly flat and making life miserable above the staff. Here you get a rich, buttery tone and shockingly easy intonation all the way to the top of your range.    

With the option of brass or bronze, you can choose between a sound that’s more traditional vs. a more modern, denser, darker tone.  
Our flugelhorn shanks 100% fit properly into Couesnon flugelhorns. This has been proven true in many many in-person testing sessions.

Special Note: All Lotus FL cups will massively improve the sound of any model of horn, but the FL-L cup in particular is a real game-changer because most players will find this cup depth to be the correct choice. You get an in-tune scale/high C, the ability to truly play higher than high C when soloing and the ability to turn any cheap or mid-range level Flugelhorn into something that sounds much more expensive.  

LOTUS L cup is a "standard depth" cup that comes in rims 1,2,3,7 in Brass or Bronze​
Size and Material: 1F-L Brass
Size and Material: 1F-L Brass