LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - F-M


This mouthpiece was designed specifically for players who usually only play flugelhorn in a big band. We’ve spoken with a lot of folks who prefer using a trumpet cup on a flugel shank to help them cut through the wall of trombones and saxes without having to play loud and hurt their endurance.
Going with that concept, we’ve created a fairly shallow V cup that gives you a more characteristic flugelhorn tone than simply choosing a small-shank trumpet mouthpiece, while still helping to project your sound forward with greater clarity, making it much easier to hear yourself.
This cup also offers an interesting bonus feature starting at forte:  It really stops being mellow at all. Instead it produces an interesting flugel/trumpet hybrid quality, which opens up some very interesting possibilities for soloists searching for new tone colors. In that regard, it’s unlike any flugelhorn mouthpiece we’ve ever heard. 
 Our flugelhorn shanks 100% fit properly into Couesnon flugelhorns. This has been proven true in many many in-person testing sessions.

LOTUS M cup is a "medium-shallow" cup that comes in rims 1,2,3,7 in Brass or Bronze​

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Size and Material: 1F-M Brass
Size and Material: 1F-M Brass