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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - M Cup


The Lotus M cup deserves special attention from the huge percentage of players who are a little less “specialized” in their musical context and simply need a cup that is neither too deep nor too shallow, produces a full and colourful tone that is neither too shiny nor too dark and offers a BIG boost into the upper register compared to any C cup.
The M cup is perfect for a Classical player who needs some more sizzle when playing things like West Side Story or Star Wars, or for effortless piccolo playing.  It lets Jazz players tear through an army of other instruments on stage while maintaining a fat, rich sound; perfect for Trumpet Hero moments or turning heads in a 2nd Line parade on the streets of New Orleans.
The backbore is designed to further fatten up the tone, so while it's roughly the size of a D cup, it sounds as big as a C cup, only brighter.  This makes it a great option for Lead players accustomed to shallower cups who want to add more depth to their sound, both for solos and milder section parts, without losing that lovely sparkle. 
Special note to teachers:  This is the top choice for beginners and for students who are not going to be Classical musicians and simply need help playing higher but with a full sound that works perfectly for Wind Ensemble, Solo recitals, Big Band and Marching Band.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver)

  • 1M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 667M, Monette B1-LDS1, Reeves 43.5M, Schilke 17B, Warburton 3M, Yamaha 16D4

  • 2M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3M, Monette B4LD/2S3 or BLM S1, Reeves 43M, Schilke 14B, Warburton 4M, Yamaha 14B4

  • 3M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65M, Monette B6LD S1, Reeves 42M, Schilke 11B, Warburton 5M, Yamaha 13B4

  • 7M  = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64M, Monette B7LD S1, Reeves 41M, Schilke 11B, Warburton 6M, Yamaha 11B4​

Ideal for:

  • Beginner or young student who needs help adding range to maintain interest in playing

  • Piccolo trumpet players who would love to get away from a overly bright and nasal tone quality

  • Musical theatre, commercial work, studio session where range and good tone are very important

  • Players who normally use something a little more shallow who are not Lead players and really would love a much bigger sound but keep the upper register boost.

    Due to overwhelming demand and extreme unpredictability in the speed of international shipping, orders placed today may take up to 16 weeks to ship.

    Please note that after 24 hours of placing an order, orders are considered final and not refundable, as per our vendor's policy.

Size & Material: 1M - Brass
Size & Material: 1M - Brass