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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Generation 3 - XL2 Cup


The Orchestral/Classical player will feel right at home on a 1XL2 Brass when coming from a 1C. Any horn will get an automatic increase in resonance that translates exactly into one of Adam Rapa’s main goals for LOTUS: you can back off of the energy input by 5-10% knowing that what is coming out of the bell is still more than what you had before. If you have always wanted the big sound of the 1C but need a narrower rim, no problem, simply choose your preferred rim number and add it to the XL2 cup.

Special note for Solo/Principal players in Orchestras or Wind Ensembles: The pitch of upper register notes WILL NOT go flatter as you play higher and you will no longer have to plan alternate fingerings for high D, Eb, or E (D3, Eb3, E3). This is crucial for success on certain passages in Mahler 6, Alpine Symphony, many film scores, etc.  We have even had feedback from players who have switched to the XL2 cup for piccolo playing because the upper register is in tune and easier to access. Imagine playing the piccolo and having a real trumpet sound!  

 Jazz players:  This mouthpiece can absolutely help you add more personality and depth to your sound. The note targets are enormous, which adds a lot of confidence when improvising. The huge range of tone colors you can create makes it very easy to express yourself with tons of nuance and character.  Bring added richness to your ballad playing while also adding firepower to your Bebop lines and upper register adventures.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass or Bronze)

  • 1XL2 = Bach 1C, GR 67L, Monette B1-2 S3, Bob Reeves 43.5DS, Schilke 17C, Warburton 2MD, Yamaha 16C4

  • 2XL2 = Bach 1C + Lotus 2 rim, GR 66L, Monette B4SD/BLD S1, Bob Reeves 43DS, Schilke 14D, Warburton 4D, Yamaha 15D4

  • 3XL2 = Bach 2C, GR 65L, Monette B6D S1, Bob Reeves 42DS, Schilke 13D, Yamaha 15C4/25

  • 7XL2 = Bach 1C + Lotus 7 rim, GR 64L, Monette B7, Bob Reeves 41DS, Schilke 11D, Yamaha 11D4

​​Ideal for:

  • For large ensemble performances such as orchestras and brass bands

  • Those who want the full sound of 1C but prefer the smaller rim diameters of 2, 3, and 7 rims.

  • Jazz soloists who want to have a rich tone but still play brightly when needed.

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Size & Material: 1XL2 - Brass
Size & Material: 1XL2 - Brass