Mercer & Barker TUBA MB5 – Cattanach STAINLESS STEEL


MB5 – Cattanach
Mercer and Barker mouthpieces are produced using traditional British precision engineering and fine craftsmanship. The Mercer and Barker MB5 tuba mouthpiece is the second largest within the range, With the assistance of Andy Cattanach one of the UK’s most renowned BBb Tuba players we have developed and designed a mouthpiece to make playing throughout the range of the tuba easier. The mouthpiece rim is slightly thicker geared towards helping the players smooth transition from register to register with minimal changes in the jaw position and without sapping the air but maintaining the results. The rim also provides the player with more comfort so that endurance is not an issue. Mercer and Barker describe the end result of the MB5 tuba mouthpiece as a warm, rich, and velvety tone that has become a popular choice for players with strong embouchures. The MB2 has also proven to be a great tool for creating a wide range of dynamics.
Specifications: Equivalent to:
Inner Diameter: 33.0/1.29in Mike Finn MF3 / Bach 7
Rim: Width, 8.0mm/0.31in, Round Perantucci PT88L
Cup: Medium funnel (seamless) PT88 / PT86 / PT48+
Bore: 8.3mm/0.33in K & G 1F

Material: BSP
Material: BSP