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Robinson's Remedies

Robinson's Remedies - Lip Repair Anti-Viral Cream



The best solution for those dreaded cold sore outbreaks!

Robinson’s Remedies Lip Repair was invented by professional trumpet player Ken Robinson, a lifelong cold sore sufferer, who almost ended his career after experiencing a devastating outbreak. Lip Repair can be used every day because it prevents AND treats cold sores. Tough on cold sores and fever blisters, Lip Repair contains five anti-viral ingredients! And yet it is gentle on your lips with eight moisturizers that help relieve dry, cracked and chapped lips.

You will love how great your lips will feel and, with cold sore outbreaks, you will be amazed how quickly your symptoms are relieved. Simply use it a couple of times daily as a regular lip balm. When you feel an outbreak come or already have one, apply every waking hour to the affected area.

No need for prescriptions or those expensive one-off treatments. So why worry about cold sore outbreaks? We’ve got you covered!