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Brakul Factory

The BRAKUL mouthpiece GOLD


The BRAKUL mouthpiece, designed under the brand ethos of "enjoying brass instrument players," introduces its first Tuba mouthpiece, named [Fula]. This mouthpiece is crafted with the theme of enabling everyone to produce good sound effortlessly.

Key features of the [Fula] include:

  1. Rim Design: The rim is flat and slightly angular. It has an inner diameter of 32.5 mm, marginally smaller than the 32.79 mm commonly found in popular models. This size provides a novel alternative that caters to beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players who seek more control.

  2. Cup Design: The cup's interior has a straight line shape, with a design that clearly delineates its border upon touch. The cup is sufficiently round and offers a capacity that is deceptively larger than it appears. Its design does not mirror the inside, allowing for optimal resistance and sound response. This makes the mouthpiece versatile for various breathing styles without overstraining or scattering the sound.

  3. Lip Position and Buzzing: When placed on the mouth, the mouthpiece naturally guides the lips to an ideal position, facilitating smooth buzzing.

  4. Finish and Texture: The mouthpiece, showcasing Japan's fine craftsmanship, is not entirely polished to a mirror finish. Instead, it features a finely carved design with a matte finish on the rim that touches the mouth, providing clear support during performance. For those seeking more flexibility, an optional rim polishing service is available, targeting only the upper part of the rim.

  5. Inspiration and Name: The name [Fula] is inspired by the wind, reflecting the concept of a mouthpiece that produces sound as effortlessly as wind flows.

The BRAKUL [Fula] mouthpiece thus offers a new dimension of fun and control for brass instrument players, aligning with the brand's vision of enhancing the joy of playing.

Material: "Matte Finish"
Material: "Matte Finish"