Best Brass

The brand name: ‘Best Brass’ is based upon his philosophy, mission, and passion: “to develop the world’s best brass instruments”.

Best Brass respects the principles of the great brass designers of the past, and we strive to improve on the creations of those pioneers producing musical instruments that look beautiful, that sound great, and have a perfect mechanism. Our challenge is to maintain continuous creativity powered by a deep felt passion for excellence.

Best Brass is a financially independent company which means we can devote as much time and energy as we like studying the essence of traditional brass production while at the same time researching the use of new materials, and designing new parts and mechanisms.

As President and CEO of Best Brass, I have great ambitions for this company, which my father founded, and I have been inspired by and share his passion for this work. My mission is to meet—and exceed—the expectations of the most discerning brass enthusiasts, by making available the best possible musical instruments which will inspire players to create their ultimate musical voices.
I sincerely believe that the innovative designs of Best Brass products can add some unique color and richness to the world of brass musical instruments.

                                                                                                                     - Kota Hamanaga

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