SoftRing Mutes

The SoftRing works by dampening the vibrations around the bell’s perimeter, creating a soft, warm tone. It works beautifully any time you want to take some of the brilliance out of the instrument's sound, making it a great choice for soft, lyrical passages, or as an alternative to the ‘felt crown’ sometimes requested in Gershwin’s music. You can stay relaxed and play without holding back and still make a soft sound, and it can help save your ears in the practice room if you are spending lots of time in the upper register.

The SoftRing plays great with other mutes, adding a new dimension of sound to your straight and cup mutes. It is also adjustable: depending on how you position it on the bell, the SoftRing can have more or less of an effect on the instrument's tone.

The SoftRing is made from soft, flexible neoprene, so it won’t damage your bell and can be stored flat or folded up.



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