Hawkins Mutes Limited

Tony Hawkins was a professional trumpet player for several years, working in show bands on cruise ships, and then teaching and freelance playing shoreside. He left the performance profession to work in law firms, and then co-founded and founded several start-up companies in Cambridge. He switched to playing French horn in 2013 and now plays mostly in and around Cambridge with orchestras and the Prime Brass dectet.

 Having played most available mutes, Tony realised there was an opportunity for a more mellow timbre, that would be pleasing to listen to, whilst still clearly being a straight mute sound. Something to bridge the gulf between the edgy metallic mute and the softer fibre/wood sounds.

 The Hawkins Mutes designs concepts were developed over several years, and finally realised in 2021. After months of intense prototype development, and with the grateful input of several highly respected pro players, some common features emerged that created the desired sound profile, made the mutes respond better, whilst being easier to play and in tune across the range. A patent was submitted in early 2022, ahead of the official launch, and the product line continues to grow, both in terms of instruments addressed, and mute selection.