Cerveny Brass

Ceverny CTH 721-4GR Deluxe Line Tenor Horn in Bb


CTH 721-4GR Deluxe Line Tenor Horn in Bb

The CTH 721-4GR tenor horn is part of the DELUXE LINE, boasting traditional construction that has earned acclaim from numerous players. It is characterized by its clear intonation and responsive performance across its entire range. Crafted from Red Brass, this tenor horn offers a wider and softer timbre compared to Yellow Brass, making it a favored choice among Brass Band musicians who appreciate its exceptional tone.


  • Key: Bb Tenor
  • Valves: 4 rotary valves
  • Material: Red brass
  • Bore: 13.2 mm (.520")
  • Bell: 240 mm (9.45")
  • Height: 800 mm (31.4")
  • Weight: 3500 g (7.7 lbs)
  • 1st slide trigger
  • DECORATING: Engraving on the bell and rim
  • Engraved nickel silver valve caps and machine spatulas
  • Mouthpipe: (G) Red brass
  • (R) Nickel silver bell rim
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Outfit: Includes a silver-plated mouthpiece and a durable hard case

The CTH 721-4GR Deluxe Line Tenor Horn in Bb is a high-quality instrument that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern features. Its beautiful engraving, red brass construction, and exceptional tonal qualities make it a prized choice for Brass Band musicians seeking a superior tenor horn.

Please allow delivery time for the following instruments:

  • Trumpets and Cornets: 5-8 Weeks
  • Trombones: 8-11 Weeks
  • Tuba: 8-12 weeks depending on size
  • Baritone: 6-8 Weeks
  • Alto: 6-8 Weeks
  • Rotary French Horn: 6-8 Weeks
  • Horns: 6-8 Weeks