Haag Brass

HAAG Brass - ContraBass Trombone - BossBone


The BossBone is equipped with a Bosc valve, a rotary valve with an open passage and only 80 ° rotation. This valve was developed and invented by Cristian Bosc in 2011 and HAAG Brass was the first company to install this valve in trombones. The HAAG BossBones can be built individually to your needs. 

  • Tuning: F/C/Db or F/D/BBb
  • Bore: 14.5mm / .571”
  • Valve : HAAG-Rotary Valve
  • Thumb Lever: German- or Americanstyle
  • Bell Ø: 270mm / 10.629”
  • Bell: handhammered gold Brass with or without Nickelsilver Rim
  • Bell material : red brass, gold brass, yellow brass, bronze
  • changeable or fixed bell
  • Tuning Slide: Gold brass, brass, copper, bronze
  • Inner slide: nickel silver, chrome-plated
  • Outer slide: gold brass, nickel silver
  • automatic water flap on the slide
  • Standard finish: lacquered
  • other finishes on request: matt lacquered, vintage style, silver-plated, gold-plated
  • Accessories: bag, hand brace, slide handle

Bell Options:

Screw Bell 

Hand Engraved Bell

Bell Options: ContraBass Trombone - BossBone
Bell Options: ContraBass Trombone - BossBone