Haag Brass

HAAG Brass - Dani Felber Model - Bb Trumpet


Trumpeter and band leader Dani Felber has played on all the big stages in the world. At his request, HAAG Brass developed a trumpet that enables jazz trumpeters to play across all registers without problems. A specially made leadpipe, the material density of which varies, makes the instrument vibrate immediately and makes it easier to address, especially in the high registers. The instrument is hard gold-plated and the valve cover is black ruthenium. A real eye-catcher! The tuning bow is also equipped with the unique HAAG sound board. This not only refines the design, but also the sound.

The B flat trumpet “Dani Felber” includes a second 1st slide, a specially made leadpipe and a tuning bow with the HAAG sound plate. It is hard gold-plated with black ruthenium parts. There are two specially developed “Dani Felber” mouthpieces exclusively for this purpose.

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore: 11.7mm / .461”
  • Leadpipe: DF Goldbrass 
  • Tuning slide: brass with HAAG sound plate
  • Valves: Monel with brass airways
  • Tuning scenery: 3rd valve slide, optionally 1st
  • Bell: hand hammered yellow brass
  • Bell: Ø 120mm / 4.724”
  • Waterkeys: Amado
  • finish: gold plated
  • accessories: bag and HAAG mouthpiece Dani Felber "spark" and Dani Felber "calm"