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KGU Music

KGU Music - Trumpet Optimizer

KGUmusic Optimizer for practicing and playing without excessive mouthpiece pressure, the device for correcting excessive pressure, must-have for brass players, trumpeters
  • Effective control over too much mouthpiece The system activates as soon as the mouthpiece is forced against the lips too hard. The air column escapes and interrupts your buzz, thus you know that you use high pressure.
  • No spring, and no mess with assembling and disassembling the device. We use magnets instead of the spring, whose functioning is based on rejection.
  • A wider range of setups. Unlike devices with springs, providing only 5-6 positions, the KGUmusic Optimizer provides you with the possibility to change the activation rate with each millimeter. You just need to turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to make the power of pressing stronger or smaller.
  • The efficient tool for practicing and classes. Our Optimizer is intended for use during a certain time, from 10 to 30 minutes, as much as you need. Note, it’s not intended for playing during concerts or all day long.
  • Useful for students, beginners, experienced trumpeters, and brass players. The KGUmusic Optimizer is an effective tool, which helps to control how you take higher notes and effectively breaks the habit of unintentional mouthpiece pressure on the lips.

Product Description

The KGUmusic Optimizer is targeted at beginners and experienced brass players, who would like to get rid of the habit of applying too much pressure on the lips during playing at a higher register. We made a step change in the construction of the device by using magnets instead of the spring. One is set up in the upper part, the other – in the lower part of the device. We use magnets as they are more practical and efficient. Firstly, they don't rot with time. Unlike spring, they are not affected by moisture (saliva, condensation) so much. Secondly, the magnets allow you to easily change the activation rate of the device by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise. In this simple way, you can make the power of pressing stronger or smaller.

Our device is designed only for practicing and identifying your feelings at the moment when you apply too much strength. Focusing on your feeling you can train yourself to take high notes without high pressure. The KGUmusic Optimizer is placed between the tube and the mouthpiece. When you place it on your trumpet, the length of the lead pipe changes, and the musical tuning also changes. That’s why it’s not a good idea to use our Optimizer at concerts, during playing with the backing track, or practicing all day long.

The KGUmusic Optimizer helps to control how you take higher notes and how much pressure you use. It activates as soon as you apply more pressure than required. Breaking the habit of putting high pressure on the lips will help you to avoid lip injuries, bloody wounds, and necrosis. As almost every musician faces the challenge of excessive mouthpiece pressure at a certain moment of their career, this device is useful both for beginners and professionals.