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Instrument Consignment

Lechner - C Rotary Trumpet Orchestra Model


Key Features:

Gold Plated Sophistication: Cherish the rich, gold-plated finish of a gently used instrument, maintaining its aesthetic and acoustic charm.

Renowned Craftsmanship: Lechner's reputation for precision engineering shines in this model, offering superb sound quality and durability.

Advanced Playing Mechanics: Includes a trigger 3rd slide for enhanced playability, ensuring you hit every note with perfection.

Multiple Key Options: Versatile C-, A-, and H-key options, catering to a wide range of musical pieces and styles.


Gently used, meticulously maintained

Perfect working condition, ensuring a seamless addition to your musical repertoire

Location Advantage:

Conveniently based in the USA, simplifying logistics and shipping

Ideal for:

Professional musicians seeking a high-caliber, pre-loved instrument

Trumpet enthusiasts desiring a unique piece with character and history

Advanced students and educators looking for a reliable, top-quality instrument without the brand-new price tag

Seize this Unique Opportunity: Rarely does such a distinguished instrument come available on consignment. Enhance your musical journey with the Lechner - C Rotary Trumpet Orchestra Model.

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