Mercer and Barker TROMBONE MB4F



Mercer and Barker mouthpieces are produced from the traditional British precision engineering and fine craftsmanship. The Mercer and Barker MB4F Euphonium / Trombone mouthpiece is primarily based on the MB4; a mouthpiece that features a heavy weight design while providing a remarkable clarity of articulation and quick response. The MB4F has a relatively flat rim that gives the player even more clarity of attack and easier flexibility. The moderate bowl shape of the cup produces a brilliant tone throughout all registers of the instrument. The MB4F is currently available in large shank models.

Inner Diameter: 25.95mm/1in
Rim: Width, 6.76mm/0.27in, flat
Cup: Medium deep, slight bowl
Bore: 7.28mm/0.29in

Material: BSP
Material: BSP