Mutec Inc.

Performance Line - Trumpet Straight Mutes


Straight Mute - All Aluminum
A very versatile, aluminum straight mute. The sound stays consistent in all ranges. A perfect mute for all mediums of trumpet performance 

Straight Mute - Copper Bottom

Similar to the all aluminum straight mute, but produces a tighter and brighter buzz. This mute produces a great orchestral straight mute sound.

Straight Mute- All Copper
A great straight mute sound with lots of bite in the sound at louder dynamics, especially in the middle and high range. Excellent intonation, free blowing, and responsive in all registers.

Straight Mute - Black Polymer
A traditional straight mute sound, at a great value! Produces a clear straight mute buzz expected from a metal mute, but not as bright. Great for softer muted sections or solos.

Straight Mute - Brass Bottom
Even more bite with a tighter and brighter buzz than the copper bottom version.

Straight Mute - Fiber / Walnut Bottom
An excellent orchestral mute! Creates a rich soft straight mute sound. Great for softer muted sections or solos.

Material: Aluminum
Material: Aluminum