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Ultimate Brass

Ultimate Brass - Etruscan Series Cornet & Flugelhorn mouthpieces


Ultimate Brass utilizes the most advanced computer technology in our design and manufacturing process.  Our newly designed Etruscan Series cornet and flugelhorn mouthpieces provide an incompatible rich and creamy tone quality, and extremely comfortable feeling. The "Etruscan" Series offers 4 cornet mouthpieces models, 1 Eb soprano cornet mouthpiece model, and 1 flugelhorn mouthpiece model.

 Etruscan 0 - Cornet

Etruscan 1 - Cornet

Etruscan 2 - Cornet

Etruscan 3 - Cornet

Etruscan E - Soprano Cornet, some players uses it on picco trumpet for a special sound.

Etruscan FL-1 - Flugelhorn

Model: Etruscan 0
Model: Etruscan 0